Saturday, February 19, 2011

My first mix is recorded, just needs to be uploaded and other stuff!

Well first up sorry for the long time since my last post. Last night was a big night for me and my friends and we hit some gigs and clubs (where I learned from a particular club how NOT to DJ).

We also went and saw AMANDA PALMER who is freaking amazing live and is doing a tour of my country. If you've ever heard of the Dresden Dolls or just think you might like her kind of music definitely youtube her and see for yourself (No she's not dance music, but shes still heaps cool haha).

So the mix is done and ready but I'm not sure where to upload. Can I get a suggestion in the comments section below?


  1. Rapidshare has always been my favorite, others may have different opinions though.

    Can't wait to hear it!

  2. Nice, can't wait to listen to it.

  3. will deferentially check this out, nice one!

  4. great can't wait

  5. Thanks Aaron. I'll up it to Rapidshare

    Wont be long now!

  6. So jealous you saw Amanda Palmer! Can't wait to hear your mix when you upload it. :)